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Goal of 2007?

Complete with wacky commentary.


It's been a while

It's been a couple of weeks but the past week has been good so i'll talk about that hey.

Firstly the 3-0 win against sp*rs. All the goals were debatable making it even sweeter. Even Martin Shrek Jol came out and said we deserved to win overall. So we deserved to win, well done. Emmanuel Adebayor played well to the surprise of many who have been quick to put him down. I'm always biased towards Arsenal players and still think Song could come through as a half decent player even if he has played poorly in every game anyones seen him play. My thinking is that if he is getting in ahead of Muamba and Larsson then he must be a good player and Wenger must certainly see something in him we don't yet. The other 2 are very good players and whilst i think it's too late for the latter to make an impression on the Arsenal team i think he would make a decent Premiership side.

Then we saw Arsenal and Porto draw so both sides go through to the knock-out stages of the Champions League. A super boring game. Not much to say about that.

Chelsea on Sunday and it looks like Gallas, Toure and Djourou will all miss it. Crumbs looks like Gilberto will have to drop back or dare i say it, Song come in?


Not a great deal to say today. Since my horrible crippling injury on sunday i have barely let the house. Saw a doctor, it's fractured or badly sprained, it took us so long to find the Grindon lane community care centre the X-ray machine had closed for the day. So i haven't learnt anymore life lessons or anything. I've had to livemy life through the 5 channels we recieve.
Todays viewing thus far.
Neighbours: The Elle plot is dumb.
Doctors: This show is horrible.
Murder, she wrote: Can't tell, scratched eyes out during Doctors.



Not Arsenal as i cannot speak of them (my theory is still working well). But our 7 a side team got its first win of the season. I scored a fantasticgoal from all of 5 yards. Unfortunately after a perfect day of football in the dying seconds of the game i hurt my ankle. Struggling to walk has given me a great excuse not to go to the hospital although i may have to if it's not feeling any better tomorrow. Luckily i have no classes this week but also have no supplies in other than yoghurt and a chicken breast so could do with an ASDA trip also.

It's generaly been a good day though filled with kids TV.


Rabbits and that.

So a win for the unmentionable topic. My foray into avoiding the subject will continue therefore. Unfortunately for those who have come to look for rabbit anecdotes or the like will be disappointed. I have nothing on them.

So i went home for a few days, it seems silly to ride a train for 5 hours twice in 4 days but i had a good time. Only a few familiar faces around but still a laugh. My hometown has changed somewhat with the main hotel being ripped down down for another retirement home. The library has been redone. It's now one of those modern uneven buildings. Probably an attempt to update its image and get the kids back in. It seems like sticking a straw in vomit to try and get people to drink it.

Oh well here is until sunday when something i won't write about will happen.



No blog yesterday i was in between houses and without internet connection. So another poor result, our good form seems to have ended when i started this blog. So as the seemingly jinxed one i will change my blog for one week to see if it results in an upturn of form.

So thursday will herald the 1st non-Arsenal blog, probably be about rabbits or something.


Two lessons on how to play well without winning

So only days after the Everton game where we had 91% of the 2nd half possession and still only managed to draw comes an equally frustrating game. CSKA unlike Everton did not put 10 men behind the ball at all times, we were just a lot better than them. Until it came to finishing we played brilliant. Driven passes, neat 1-2s and 40 yards hits with the outside of the boot were commonplace and if we won 5 or 6 nil it would have been justified. Unfortunately screams of 'my grandma could have finished that!' were apt on a number of occasions. Henry wasn't at the races, v Persie, Fabregas, Rosicky and Hleb all looked threatening. The no scoring draw isn't the end of the world though, we should still be comfortable in qualifying.

Djourou and Toure have both signed new long deals along with Cesc. Those 3 players could make up a spine of the team for at least anohter 5 years with v Persie also having moved to commit himself to the Gunners.

Til after the weekend gooners.



So we're back here again. A team comes to our ground, scores a fortunate early goal then set up shop in front of their goal. Games like these are the most frustrating things in the sport. You expect it from some of the lesser sides who judge their chances to be slim. Whats worse is like this weekend when a side who are 6th in the league and were the 2nd last side in the league to lose their unbeaten record. Everton came here and i expected a good game. I was wrong. Ugh. Timmy Cahill caught the ball from a cross and jumped over the line with it in hand rugby style. So for 80 minutes we probe and probe and finally 20 minutes from time we get the equaliser. A stinging free kick for Robin van Persie. Henry came close more than once, Toure, Fabregas and Rosicky all came close too. It could have been worse, we could have lost.

Henry says he doesn't like the fans telling him to shoot: boring story.

Cesc says something about something: boring story.

Some bloke we're linked with says we're linked with him. Some bloke we're linked with says he's leaving his club. Some bloke we're linked with has injured his shins. Investigative journalism at its finest.


Last of the summer light

So we're getting to the time of year where the clocks go back and it gets dark before it gets light. We have 3 o clock games that are more than half in the dark to look forward to. Joy.

Luckily we are in form and are playing some superb football so that detracts from the depressing pre-christmas frenzy depression.

The kids played well in the carling cup. Pulling out a victoy over a decent West Brom side using a side with an average age of 7 and a half (approximation). Jeremie Aliadiere bagged both our goals and you have to be pleased for him after the dreadful couple of seasons that he has had over the past fer years with injury and the like. Clichy and Senderos both came through unscathed, strengthening the defense immeasurably.

Everton this weekend; drawn against Everton in next carling cup round. I'll avoid the obvious toffee puns.


Happy birthday Arsene

So after his recent 10 year anniversary as manager of the club, Arsene celebrated his birthday yesterday. The lads playing against Reading certainly gave him an ideal present. Scoring after only 58 seconds then adding 3 more later led to a very comfortable win against a side who have proved not to be the pushovers some thought they may be with good performances against Chelski and Man u. Clicking effortlessly into gear and hitting the form that had pundits purring over them not long ago, it was a joy to watch. After a largely difficult first season, Alex Hleb is really proving himself and for me was the stand-out player in a team of stand-out players yesterday. Rosicky showed a few very nice touches and from a central position can really grab the game by the scruff and could prove to be the signing of the summer. Henry was his majestic best, dropping deep and stroking the ball about and recording two goals for himself. Fabregas was brilliant again; nice piece about him on Match of the Day last night, with Gavin Peacock confessing he could talk about him all day. Rarely a week goes by without the MOTD crew talking about Cesc and analysing his talent.

Not much else is going on, Wenger is happy Cesc signed his new deal. Cesc is happy too. Wenger is happy that Cesc is happy. Rumours are they're planning a thoroughly lovely picnic together soon.

League cup this weekend against West Brom, good chance to see some of the kids. Francisco Merida, Denilson and Vincent van den Berg are the ones i'm looking forward to seeing.


From Russia with love.

First things first; the fallout from this weeks Champions League result. Henry and Djourou have both come out and criticised the referee for disallowing the formers goal that would have earnt them a draw against a tough CSKA side. It's all well and good complaining about referees but it does not stop this from being a relatively poor performance from the team. But at the same time they are not the whipping boys some thought they could be, especially on a freezing Russian night. Only in the last 20 minutes did we really create and dominate the game. No need in panicing, we are still in a healthy position and there's 3 games left to play.

In better news Spanish starlet Cesc Fabregas has agreed a new massive 8 year deal with the club. Here he talks of his delight at staying put.

We have also been linked with a move for Lyn's young Nigerian striker, Chinedu Ogbuke. Supposedly his nickname is Edu. At least we'll already have a song ready for him then.

Til Monday Gunners.